Copywriting Secrets of a Legal Beagle Marketing Genius

Believe it or not, you can learn a LOT of copywriting secrets from lawyers. In fact, recently I heard a lawyer’s ad that’s SO good I took notes.

Here’s what happened:

I was in the car waiting for my wife (to do whatever it is wives do for so long in stores), and this voice on the radio starts telling the story of a real life court case.

It was a fascinating story, too, about something that could happen to anyone.

Anyway, the ad was in two parts:

The first part described the facts of the case and ended with, “when we return we’ll see how the court ruled.” Then, after a brief ad (for another business), part 2 came on. This time the lawyer cites what happened, followed by a call to action telling you how to contact him if you ever need a lawyer.

Why was I so impressed with this ad?

Well, let’s look at the facts of the case:

1. No Blatant Pitch

It started with a story ANYONE can relate to (some leech sued someone they’d never met — out of the blue). Which was an excellent attention grabber.

2. Use Of The “Cliffhanger”

Cliffhangers are MEGA powerful. Think of all those high rated TV dramas. Almost ALL of them leave you on a cliff hanger — making it impossible not to come back next week.

3. Attention Span Friendly

It was not one long commercial that wore out your mind. This baby was a two parter — making it super easy to digest and super hard to touch that dial and leave.

4. Strutted His Stuff

Demonstration is one of the BEST ways to prove something.

Plus, by explaining everything in “plain English” (in a STORY), the lawyer came off as warm, inviting and friendly. Kinda like someone you’d hang out with. And NOT some shark who milks money from misery.

5. Call To Action

Finally, there was no confusion as to what he wanted you to do — which was to call his office for an appointment.

Anyway, the only “flaw” I could find was not having an offer (a “carrot” to call NOW). Otherwise it was a near-perfect ad that (from what I hear) is working like gangbusters for him.